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Eskaped is an escape room built inside a trailer!

So what is an escape room?

Escape rooms are physical adventure games. Within them, players (groups of 4-12) must solve a series of puzzles and codes using clues, hints, and strategy to unveil the hidden keys. However, players are only given a limited amount of time to unlock the mystery and escape the room.

So, what is our escape room like?

First, the door closes. Click! The lock sets. You are trapped back in time. The year? 1969. You glance at the clock hanging on the wall...the count down has begun. 45:00, 44:59, 44:58... Without a moment to spare, you begin searching your surroundings. What complex clues will you begin to unearth? A seemingly innocent typewriter sits unnoticed in a corner, but wait! Something seems slightly off. And what untold mystery is buried deep within the folds of an old shag rug? Discover it all when you step inside!

Our escape room is ideal for any type of events from family nights, group dates, and birthday parties to school wide activities and team building corporate events. Contact us now to book your escape room adventure today!

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