Frequently asked questions

Where is Eskaped Located?

Eskaped is located in Utah County. We are currently only doing mobile bookings and would love to bring the trailer to you! We mostly service Utah County and Salt Lake County but we are more than happy to travel anywhere in Utah! We do require a 2 hour minimum booking outside Utah County and additional travel fees may apply. Call us to schedule your event today! 435-557-0599

What if we don't Eskape?

We hook the trailer up to our truck and drive you out to the desert...Just kidding! Of course, we just let you out! But, you just have to live you life wondering "what if?"

What do we get if we Eskape?

GLORY! We also offer free photos afterwards and you get to sign the wall of fame! Don't forget those bragging rights too!

How many people can go in at a time?

Because of the size of the Eskaped Mobile we have to limit the amount of people to no more than 12. (10 max. for the shorter rooms) Because of the difficulty of the puzzles each group has to have at least 4 people. However, for the best experience we recommed a group size of 6-8.

What if we need help?

We are always watching. Every eskape has a gamekeeper who watches you through closed circuit cameras, and can offer assistance if needed.

We have more than 72 people, do we have to book for 6 hours?

When you rent Eskaped to come to you, each room can be adjusted in length from 45 minutes down to a shorter length of time to fit your needs! We also have a 20 minute room (2x/hour) and a 10 minute room (4x/hour). So it is possible for a group of that size to go through in under 2 hours. No matter the size of your group, Eskaped will lock everybody in!

Do you have an Age limit?

Because of the difficulty of the puzzles we recommend ages 12 and up. Younger children can play with an adult present. Family groups with a range of ages are lots of fun! Contact us if you have any questions. 435-557-0599

Do you have a restroom?

Nope, we packed the Eskaped Mobile up with so many puzzles we didn't have room for a restroom. We strongly suggest going before you enter. If it's an emergency we will assist you in getting yourself to the nearest one.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes we can accomodate a wheelchair! The back of the trailer folds down and creates a ramp for wheelchairs and/or strollers to access the trailer. A few of our puzzles are not completely accessible from a wheelchair, but remember, you will have teammates to help you out! There are plenty of puzzles to be solved inside!

Do you offer discounts for Scouts and church youth groups?

Yes, we do offer discounts for scouts and youth groups. Holidays and weekends are excluded. Please contact us for details. 435-557-0599

Fill out the form and one of our minions will contact you if you have any questions.

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